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By japohara, Aug 29 2017 05:05PM

In less than 3 weeks the Future Classics Championship for 2017 will be decided. Just like last year

when the ever quick Timothy Duggan became the champion in his superb Seat Ibiza the Leinster

Trophy weekend will provide the winner and runners up for 2017.

There have been some great moments in the season so far in a class which was intentionally set up

as budget racing to a time barrier intended to put back on track a lot of cars considered to be at the

end of their racing life and now contains many makes of cars of all shapes, sizes and horsepower, all

of which are excellently prepared and presented.

By japohara, Mar 22 2017 11:17PM

Statement in response to an incident at Mondello Park Sports Club (MPSC) Car Racing Meeting held on 19th March 2017 at Mondello Park (Motorsport Ireland Permit No. 17/034).

During the Future Classics race an incident occurred involving 2 drivers. This incident resulted in 1 car retiring from the race with damage and the other car spinning out but recovering to finish the race. Following the conclusion of the race, the incident was brought to the attention of the Motorsport Ireland and the Club Stewards by one of the drivers involved to have it investigated. The stewards using video footage and their experience made a determination on the incident.

While the stewards were carrying out their investigation into the driving standards incident however, a separate incident allegedly occurred between one of the drivers and the stewards. As a result of this 2nd incident the driver was excluded from the event for breach of Rule 139.7 of the General Competition Rules of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook 2017, not because of a breach of driving standards. I wish to clarify though that at no point was any part of these investigations carried out by Future Classics Racing committee members and that all penalties are issued by Motorsport Ireland event officials.

Since this has happened however, there has been a number of comments on social media, including some on our own Future Classics social media platforms with remarks towards drivers and officials. As there is still further investigations going on into this incident, the Future Classics Racing committee cannot allow comments relating to it to be published on its social media platforms, and as a result we have had to remove some comments and restrict posting rights temporarily.

While the Future Classics Racing committee do not wish to see any drivers being excluded from events, we also cannot condone verbal assaults towards officials who are giving up their time voluntary to help run the sport we all enjoy.

By japohara, Mar 20 2017 09:58PM

The first National Car Racing Event of 2017 took place on Sunday last at Mondello Park (19th March) and it was a welcome return to the Future Classics Championship. On a miserable wet spring morning 19 cars and drivers took to the grid for Round 1, the best number of entrants for an opening round since the series was first introduced 5 years ago. There was a nice mix of new builds, along with some of the old faithful machines we’ve got used to over the last few years.

By japohara, Jan 20 2017 11:38PM

So we're well into the middle of the winter down time but getting ever closer to the start of the 2017 Championship.

There will be some changes this season but thankfully our title sponsors are remaining with us. The help and support we have received from MicksGarage.Com has hugely helped the popularity and growth of this class in 2016. To have them onboard again for 2017 gives us great confidence that the class is going in the right direction and hopefully will continue to grow as one of the biggest grids on the Mondello Park race circuit.

By japohara, Oct 23 2016 10:16AM

After a great year of racing it was time for the 10th and final round of the Future Classics Championship. With the weather playing ball, the scene was set for a great days racing. This weekend seen a few regulars missing from the grid but we still had eighteen cars ready to go which was great for the final round of the Championship. Qualifying kicked off at 10:20 and the top 3 places went to Timmy Duggan,Robbie Parks and Gillbert Clancy respectively.

As Timmy Duggan had the Championship already won it was time to decide 2nd and 3rd place. The three main contenders for the runner up spots were Adrian Dunne, Aidan Byrne and David Hammond, had all broken the barrier time in qualifying and would start from the back of the grid. They were joined by last year's champion Ian Thornton and Tommy Byrne, AKA T-bone:)

When the lights went out all cars got away well and the leaders put their heads down early and drove away at great pace. The chasing pack were keeping up well and the barrier time breakers were on a charge through the grid. After a great start Adrian Dunne in the Saxo had got to 6th from 16th in two laps and was being kept under pressure by Garry Miller in the quick little Ex-Eoghan O'Brien orange Punto.

Up front the battle between Parks and Duggan was tight and closing in on them was Richard Kearney, Ken Byrne and Ger Byrne. Ger was showing great pace at the end of the season with a great win on a wet Sunday at the Leinster Trophy.

The pack was starting to stretch out but Aidan Byrne and David Hammond were still on a mission to get to the front as championship places were still up for grabs.In the closing laps Kearney had been experiencing some problems in the beautiful Alfa 155 which seen him drop back a few spots,this is never nice to see but that's the racing for ya. Tommy Byrne was also on a mission coming through the pack like a train,but unfortunately having a little visit to the sand on turn 1 eventually halted his progress.

When all cars passed the chequered flag there was quite a few barrier time breakers which left Robbie Parks taking the win. Ken Byrne in 2nd place and Adrian Dunne finishing in 3rd. As for the championship standings it looked like this:

1st Timmy Duggan,Seat Ibiza

2nd Adrian Dunne,Citroen Saxo

3rd David Hammond,Fiat Uno

Overall it was a great Championship and as the year went on things got very tight at the top with only a few points separating the top five. Congratulations to our new Champion Timmy Duggan,we look forward to see him defend the championship next year along side his son Gary who looks like he will be back for the 2017 season!

Also well done to Ian Thornton on his No.1 for 2016, he didn't get out for all of races this year but when he did he was really pushing above and beyond some of the bigger power cars,which gos to show that he was a very worthy champion for 2016!

We had been asked by our sponsors to give some passenger laps at lunch break,so as ever we obliged! Adrian Dunne in the Saxo and Richard Kearney driving Aidan Byrne's Chevette took to the track giving as many passengers as they could a few nice race pace laps of the National track layout. We really enjoyed this and hope all our passengers did too,it was a great initiative from MicksGarage and we would love to see this again as it really does get the spectators and marshals involved and it's always good to give back!

Our day didn't end there as we had been offered a second non-championship race for the Barrine Cup which we gladly accepted!

This race started at 14:30 and for this race the top three were Adrian Dunne on pole, Aidan Byrne in 2nd and Timmy Duggan in 3rd place. Dunne got off to a good start and led the pack into turn one. Duggan got the jump on Byrne and slipped into 2nd place. Duggan claimed the lead through the esses as Dunne made a mistake going in too fast on a defensive line. This race was incredibly tight with all cars fighting inches from each other and with little or no contact!

Ken Byrne was putting huge Pressure on Dunne as he in turn was trying to reclaim the lead from Duggan at every chance! There was a few laps with the safety car which bunched the pack up tight,but the Mondello crew were quick to remove the broken down car and we were away again.

For most of this race there was only seconds between the top six,but as ever David Hammond seemed to be a man possessed in the little Uno blasting past some much bigger cars.

Further down the grid there was also some great racing with Gillbert Clancy in the FTO and Mike Dermody showing great pace. It was a pity not to see Kearney further up the field in the 155 as he seemed to be still suffering some technical problems. When the cars crossed the line it was Timmy Duggan taking the win and Adrian Dunne in 2nd place from Ken Byrne in 3rd.

It's now time for the winter break and we can all look forward to the drivers meeting and awards night - dates for both of these have yet to be confirmed. It should be an interesting few months leading up to next season as some new builds and improvements are underway to join us next year.

Some of the cars are very unique even for future classics and all will be revealed soon let's just hope they make it to grid by March!

Finally massive thanks to our sponsors at as they have done such great work for the class this year,and we hope this partnership grows into the Future!

Photo credit to Brian Walsh who has done brilliant work all year.

By Adrian Dunne

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