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Getting Involved

How To Get On The Grid.


To get on the grid of the future classics or any racing series for that fact you’ll need these basics.


 A Car – Car MUST meet scrutiny requirement,  Click Here

 Safety gear – Can be got from Murray Motorsport or any FIA Motorsport equipment supplier - Click Here

 Competition National B Race License – Click HERE for a starter pack from Motorsport Ireland


Then Its as simple as complying with our regulations. These regulations are available under our downloads page


How To Sponsor A Driver.


There are many ways to get involved without actually racing yourself and there are many added benifits to sponsorship. Driver Sponsorship is more than just a rolling billboard.  Sure, you will have your company’s name on the cars but there are many other valuable benefits.


• The driver can help network and promote your business.

• Provide exposure for your business by branding on all cars.

• 25,000 Spectators attend Mondello throughout the season.

• Potential television coverage on TG4, TV3 & Setanta Sports.

• Live Internet Broadcast on to over 35,000 viewers.

• Advertising on our Future Classics Website.

• Promotion on Our Social Media pages.

• Magazine and Newspaper coverage

• Exposure at a number of outside events (Terenure car show, Classic Live Demo race, Etc.)  

• Can be utilized to improve employee or Customer morale – it will definitely be fun for you and your employees to become involved in.


You are welcome to get as involved with the racing teams as you would like. Just contact the driver you want to sponsor and work out a deal directly with the driver themselves. Sponsorship comes in many forms and not always financial.


How To Sponsor The Series.


Under our downloads page you will see a sponsorship proposal feel free to contact us if you have any questions.